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We are very happy to introduce our self in front of you guys! we are www.googlenewsindia.com as news and media platform. googlenewsindia.com and Google News India are not the same one, and they are individual org, googlenewsindia.com is registered under individual. It doesn’t come under the Google / ALPHABET INC.

News platform in the sense not like a daily newspaper. But, we are like informative news guides for a basic life need. As a human being, you should know something about your surroundings in terms of anything. Apart from that also about studies and professionals. So here we will provide informative news and facts for you with free of costs!

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We are committed to providing you about Beauty Tips, Google News, Top 10 News, Cricket News, and Interesting news, Motivational stories and speeches and more. Along with this, we are planning to provide Interview tips as well also we are in Job notifications amusements too.

One thing we can assure you, that you will never get bored with in terms of anything. We/ our team working hard and finding the most interesting and valuable things for you always. We have more responsibilities to make our readers satisfied as much as we can. Your trustability and satisfaction are our success. People used to say, sharing the knowledge is the basic fundamental of learning the knowledge, we strongly have a belief on this word and following the same, if you too trust the same then you can do the needful things.

You can find all the interesting facts and news with us, still if you need specific information about anything try a search with us, it might be there, still you not getting your answer then kindly contact us and ask your question by using contact us communications with us, we will surely work on those and we give you the detailed and awesome output to you as much as possible guys! you can trust us.

We stared very recently but our plan is very effective and soulful one to this google world. In this short-term, we covered a lot of milestones, and we have some master plan to move in futures. So don’t think much guys, join with us by regularly visiting us, and try to spread your love with us by sharing our information to others. As it will make awareness to all about our new shine / one-stop solutions for all the queries.

There are more people that might be doing the same, but you will surely find more and more difference with us, in terms of topic selections, categories coverage and 100% truth fullness and best user experience like that there are many, you can personally feel it better than we explore our self. We always conscious about our site loading time and speeds, we target to be in always less than 3 seconds. Because we respect your golden times, we don’t want to waste your time by spending with us for nothing. Therefore even a minute, you are spending with us will be a grateful one to you and for us!

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