Best AC Brands : List of Top 10 AC Brands In The World

Air Conditioner or some people may say, Air Cooler, so why do we need that? Definitely, in the summer season, I accept that but other stuff causes do we need AC? There are many problems occurring due to the usage of Air Conditioner, like Global warming caused by , CFC and gas leak accident may occur. But why many people using AC by ignoring its ill effects? Actually many users don’t know the actual purpose of AC. It not only cool the temperature, but it also conditions the temperature. That’s why we need an Air Conditioner.

top 10 ac brands

We can use it in both hot and cool climate. The answer to my first question is, we need AC not to cool the room temperature but to reduce the internal pollution. It helps to asthma and breathing patients because AC room will not have Tyndall effect dust particles. The basic law of marketing is ‘A product can be sell when it has a need’ so I told the need but the choice is yours. So think more before ignoring and think twice while ignoring. Now I am going to give you a list which contains 10 best AC brands of the earth. Believe me, it’s just a suggestion, not marketing.


It is a classical company of Indian origin. Indian Fine Blanks limited since 1974, which is collaborated with Switzerland’s Heinrich Schmidt AG company. It has both split AC and DC invert-er AC. Its prize starts from 38,000 Indian rupees onward. There are AC stabilizers also available in this brand. Check on it, please.

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First class Korean company which is serving all over the world. This brand is in top class since 1938. Its price starts from 28,650 Indian rupees. There is a huge lover for Samsung products in all over the world because it is a multi-product brand. Trust me it is worth full brand.

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It is a worthy brand of Japan origin which is headquartered in Tokyo. HITACHI AC sounds strange but it is because of the Japanese. It is worthy model will available at 23,000 Indian rupees. A good and a worthy product, mark my word this brand will come as top 1 in future. And I hope this will rule the future. Trust Hitachi and you will not be disappointed.

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It is the world’s leading home appliance seller and it satisfies the consumer’s needs. It earning around 21 billion US dollars a year. It is the most aspiring company because there are more than 70 million products are selling each year. There are 92,000 employees working In this company and it has more than 65 manufacturing and research units are in all over the world. Coming to the matter, it’s the best product will available at rupees 25,000. This one is my trusted brand so check on it.

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It is an Indian origin company and trustful too. I use this brand what else you need as proof? A real Indian manufacturer of the home appliance. Most of the Indian housewife trust this brand because it is cheap and easily serviceable. Best models available at 23,000 rupees.

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LG Electronics is the best South Korean multinational electronics manufacturer. It’s rate starts from 23,580 Indian rupees. Its old name is Gold Star but after 1995 it was converted into LG Electronics. Gold Star’s origination was 1953.


Blue Star

The blue star is the superior air purifier, water filter and the premium Air Conditioner manufacturing company. Now this company is celebrating the platinum jubilee. This brand’s lowest prize is 18,000 Indian rupees. This one is less power consuming and more worthy brand. Try this or suggest this to your friends.

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Again an Indian company generally it is a Tata’s product. It is India’s leading AC seller. It is joined with a turkey based company. Cheapest AC is 25,450 rupees and it is less power consuming. And TATA is best for its name TATA steel, TATA salt and some other Indian brands are owned by TATA. A normal Indian knows the quality of TATA so please consider Voltas while buying Air Conditioner.

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This one is not famous in India but non-popular one is not the bad one. It is also worth full and less power consuming one. But it is a little bit costly for middle-class peoples. The money that we spend to buy this AC is not a waste thing.

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Ken star

The last and final brand but it is not only an ordinary brand many ladies like this one. Particularly in the North part of India, it is more famous. It’s the best model will available at the price of 22,860 rupees.
So, ladies and gentleman, this is my list it starts from top to bottom. No need for thanks, I know this list is more useful to you but I have to say something more.

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While choosing AC to your room you have to check the Indian provision of using the Air Conditioner. The unit is called BTU or British Thermal Unit. It should be range between 9000 to 30000 for a larger room, you have to use larger capacity AC. So check on about BTU before buying these stuff.

The second thing is power consumption. Always prefer 5 star AC and please don’t go for 3 stars because the power you save today will help someone on tomorrow and please don’t say that I am paying for it then why do I care. A normal human has to care about nature. Use low power consuming AC.

Finally came to the point of CFC and HCFC. These are the most dangerous gasses which is spoiling our nature. This stuff causes global warming. To avoid these gases, please don’t use AC frequently. In cities it is impossible but in village areas, it is possible because villages are vegetation rich areas. If you open your window you can get breeze which will be better than a 2 ton AC. To reduce usage and save the environment. So this will be the end guys, and I hope this will help somebody.

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