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Making people laugh at yourself is a challenge, and doing comedy is a fascinating job that can lead to a happy or prosperous ending. Our Bollywood is incomplete without a comedian and a pinch of drama in the top. Bollywood’s comedic quest is to attract movie lovers through jokes and behave strangely.
In this article, we have summed up the top 5 best comedians of Indian Cinema which brought a new definition of comedy in the industry.

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5. Paresh Rawal

He started his career as an actor and a villain, but his comedic move gave him a new life in Bollywood. Although he began his career in 1984, Rawal has been a comic actor for more than a decade. Paresh Rawal has won the Filmfare Award for his appealing acting in “Hera Pheri,” a film that made the industry win two comedies – the other one is Akshay Kumar. Rawal can make us laugh even in the floppiest film with its unthinkable effect.

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4. Mehmood

Mehmood Ali, known as Mehmood, is an Indian actor, director, and producer, but most respected as a comic of all time. With 400 films, he has a vast career for four decades. Mehmood was known as the king of comedy in 1960. His differences are rather comical, due to his typical accent in Hyderabad-Urdu. “Bombay for Goa,” one of the films directed by him, is the first film with Amitabh Bachchan.

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3. Kader Khan

Kader Kahn is not only excellent in comedy, but also as a dialogue writer, scriptwriter, and director of a film. His confidence to participate in the annual function of the college gave him much recognition that was noticed by Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar gave him the chance to start his journey with his tremendous skill and talent. Among all comedians, he is one of the oldest and successful comedians who worked hard in more than 450 films in both Urdu and Hindi.

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2. Rajpal Yadav

He has its own unconventional and simple way of comedy. Rajpal Yadav has started his career with a TV serial named as “Mungeri Ke Bhai Naurangilal.” He has completed his study from National School of Drama and has truly entertained the fan with his tickling comedies. Viewers can even smile just by his physical appearance in the movie. One more talent that he holds is a screenplay writer.

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1. Johnny Lever

John Prakasa Rao Janumala, proudly famous as Johnny Lever has done nearly 350 movies in Industry. The journey of this talented actor in Bollywood is not less than a fairy tale. He is gifted with the ability to entertain people and truly realizes the same creative story in Bollywood. He has won two Filmfare Awards for two outstanding movies, “Dulhe Raja” in 1999 and “Deewana Mastana” in 1998. Also, he has been the president of the Mimicry Artist Association Mumbai and the Cine and Television Artist Association.

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