Best Free Android Apps : List of Top 10 Best Android Apps 2019

Now a day’s everyone one is using mobile from the day we start and still going to bed we are using mobile. The mobile phone is the sixth finger of the human. In the play store, there is plenty of mobile apps are available. There are multiple apps for the same process. That is varied from they are ratings and the hacker are making a duplicate app to hack a mobile app like antivirus. By installing that app the hacker can easily hack your mobile without your permission.

best mobile apps in 2019

Now the default app like contact, music, camera and searching app like Google, etc some of the apps are already installed in the mobile. The person what is the thing he/she needed from life everything will be in the form of an app.


Google chrome has a minimum user interface whose uses interface policies are then implemented by another browser. Users to sync bookmarks, history and settings on all devices with the browser installed by sending and receiving data even play history and internet bookmarks will be tied alongside your profile, avoiding future family arguments. Each of these has been developing its own platform since 2008. Chrome is the best app while comparing other browsers. Chrome has a high rating on the play store.

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Share it:

best aps for mobile

Above 15 billion people are using share it. By using shareit user can share photos, videos, music, apps, and other files. It is available in 39 languages like English, Hindi, French, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese, etc. share it will transfer files faster while comparing to Bluetooth Supersize allows the window 8 start screens and windows 8 apps to seamlessly span across multiple monitors. It has a high rating in Play store with rated of 4.5/5 while comparing to other apps.

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YouTube is a video sharing website. In this, anyone can upload an unlimited number of videos and watch many videos for free. The video services can be connected on PCs, Laptop, tablets and via mobiles. Users can create a YouTube channel and upload various videos. We can like, share and comment other videos. Viewers can give feedback through the command box. If users give a negative comment by following the comment reduce the negative feedback.

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MX Player:

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MX player is a video playing app. Having a video player app is essential for all users. We all love to watch all the movies, TV shows and recorded videos in a good character. All kind of video formats will be supported in this app. It is believable the best video player in the world right now. This app can be downloaded in various devices. In this lot of facility like adjusting the brightness, we can download the subtitle in Verity of language. It has the top ratings in play store.

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WhatsApp is the most popular multimedia messaging app on the planet. We have to create an account by using a contact number. In this, we can share an image, video, voice record, GIF, text messages and location sharing, etc. We can also make an audio and video call with the help of internet. We can send unlimited videos, messages and recorded voice, etc across the world using WhatsApp. WhatsApp can transfer file document up to 100Mb. Emoji’s option is available to make the conversation fun and interesting. Group chat is available 256 limited members can be a group. Only group admin can add members if group admin title will give to other all 256 members all the members are an admin.

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Google Play Music:

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Google play music is special software. In this app, various kinds of songs can be in the form of an article. This application is very simple to use. Just install it, open and sign in to your Google account. This app can automatically update the new music’s place as a folder. The unlimited number of music can be stored in this app.

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Google Drive:

Google drive is used to store the collected data and file up to 15 GB. User can store image, video, document and back up your PC. This is very useful to restore if you lose your device don’t worry about that get a new one and log in with your Google account.

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Google Map:

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Google map is a web-based service that provides detail information about a region around the world. Those days’ people are forced to interact with one another to get proper direction it makes the people confuse and irritate. By using Google map there are various shot cut can be shown to reach the destination faster. It also shows the time to reach the destination. It makes the people identify they are location easy, and they will on time.

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Truecaller is a mobile app grows up that find mobile number details about the person. First, we have to create our profile in that we have to give our details. It makes people identify them. The user can easily find out the fake caller through this app. By using this app we can find the spam. It also shows the person is in online or not. We can block calls that you don’t want to receive.

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Instagram is a photo and also a video sharing social networking application. This can be edited with various filters and organized tag and other locations. The user can maintain their account as public or private. Only the follower can view the images and video shared in their account. The service can also offer messaging feature.

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Like a coin, everything has two sides some game application makes the people addict not only the kids even the adult are also affected by this kind of application. Using the mobile phone will also affect the eye retina. There is a lot of duplicate apps are available in the websites for example antivirus apps. Mobile devices have limited storage some apps contain high storage space.

The mobile phone is emitting radio frequency form of electromagnetic radiation continuously using a mobile phone will lead to brain cancer. It also creates stress in many ways. Listening to music in high volume will damage our hearing.

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