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A mission has been created by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to clean India. As we know India is one of the biggest countries and it is the 7th largest country in the world. As the population is very high, clean and hygiene have become a great challenge. let see what are all the Cleanest Cities in Tamilnadu.

best cities in tamilnadu

Here we bring you the top 5 cities based on the recent ranking released by The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The scores have been given to the cities in India, featuring 485 cities. The ranking was given based on the scores earned by the cities. On the ranking, we found four cities on the list of top 100 clean cities in India.


Trichy has scored 3.352 and topped 13th rank. But Last year, it was on the 6th rank is notable. and off-course you people can guess this city. from my knowledge this city getting some rewards for clean. It comes under tier 2 city, that’s why they can able to manage those if it like Chennai or Salem then it’s so difficult to be in first place in Tamilnadu. But still, it’s appreciatable one to the Public departments of Trichy.

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And Coimbatore, one of the major cities in Tamil Nadu located on the banks of Noyyal river has been ranked 13th. Coimbatore has a long history and privilege. The 13th position ranking on the list of clean cities in India adds a feather to its cap.


Obviously, the next city which on the list is our beautiful city, Erode which is on the 51st position. The secret is that the city Erode has a lot of facilities to clean the dirt now and then wherever it may be. So many cleaning services are available for the most affordable price at a phone call. They also rank top cleaning services for the public to reach out the right person. Also, they provide satisfying services to meet their expectations. However, it was ranked 42 last year.


The next city is Chennai, the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu has been ranked 100 on the list with the score 2.586. According to the committee people, they said that Chennai has been improved a lot as it was ranked 235th position last year.


The last city which is to be on the Swachh ranking is Madurai, topped 123rd position down from 53rd, last year. The Swachh ranking is based on the score given by the residents living in the city. The Swachhata app is also used to collect the votes and scores from the people. Also, people who cannot reach out to those apps can directly give their opinion and scores to the central government officers when they visit their place. Officials regularly visit all the places in India and score them to keep up and improve the cleanliness of the cities.

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These 5 cities are top 5 cleanest cities in Tamilnadu guys. we can expect this question in any public service exam, so keep in mind this information and try to make all the cities as clean in Tamilnadu. In Tamilnadu only has more amount youngster ration than any other states, so if we thought then anything can possible.

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