Dangerous Mens : Top 5 Dangerous Men’s in India

Hey, guys today I’m going to share you about 5 dangerous men’s in India. This is the main topic that every Indian need to know who they are and what they are doing. When can we say a man is the most dangerous person? If a person who relates to a gangster background or involved in some criminal activities like kidnaps, murders, Dons etc. We can point out those persons as the most dangerous men’s.

Here I’ve listed the Top five dangerous men’s in India.

#1. Dawood Ibrahim:

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I think everyone may know this man and also well known as the Gold Man and Bhai. Dawood Ibrahim is the most wanted criminal and the top most dangerous gangster in the world. He involved in many criminal activities like a bomb blast in 1993 Mumbai and also started D-company in Mumbai. The government of India and the United States as well declared him as the global terrorist. Also, the FBI has listed him in the 3rd position of the most wanted fugitive list in the world and even the United States placed a bounty of 25 million dollars on his head.

#2. Chota Rajan:

Chota Rajan is the second most dangerous man in India. He is from middle-class Marathi family based out in Chembur. He started his criminal activities in the year 1980. Previously he is the most wanted criminal in India. Chota Rajan involved in many criminal activities like land Kabza, very familiar as a murderer, extortion and also well known as a Dawood’s right-hand. Later, he split from the Dawood gang and created his own gang. Also, wanted for various attempted murder and 17 murder charges. He started his criminal career as a thief. Now he is in Tihar jail in New Delhi. He was arrested in the year of 2015 by police of Indonesia and sent to India for facing trails then later he was given lifetime imprisonment.

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#3. Haji Mastan:

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Haji Mastan is another dangerous man his real name was Mastan Haider Mirza. His native place is Madras but he migrated to the city of Mumbai at the age of 8 years. He didn’t murder anyone but he is a popular Indian Thug. He involves criminal activities like smuggling from 20 years onwards. Also, he is the main gangster not only in smuggling but also in extortion things. He did most of his operations in the Bombay and earned a fortune. Politicians and actors collaborated with the Haji Mastan very often. Also, he helped the people who are in need, which helped him to gain a celebrity like status.

#4. Karim Lala:

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Karim Lala is one of the most dangerous criminals and the main pillar of underground Indian Mafia in the city of Mumbai. He is from Afghanistan and also a famous Don of Mumbai in previous days. He died at 90 years in the year 2001 19th February. His criminal track record is Jewelry smuggling, gambling etc. He is no more now but we can say he is also one of the most dangerous men’s in India. As he is the founder of the important organised criminal group and he is considered as the very first don of Mumbai. His superiority for rich and poor is the main reason why he becomes so much popular.

#5. Ali Budesh:

Ali Budesh is a well-known criminal who tries to make threatening calls to Bollywood celebrities like Boney Kapoor, Rakesh Roshan, Mukesh Bhatt etc. He is one of the most wanted Indian Mafia Don. Previously he is also a part of D-company because on some disputes he dropped from Dawood and started his own activities. Later, he started to make friends with Dawood’s enemies and went on an attack against Dawood’s empire. Also, he began as an informant by informing about the details and whereabouts of the D company individuals to law enforcement and it is also believed that Budesh is behind the arrest of Dawood Ibrahim’s brother by giving tip about him to the police officials. He entered into Mumbai as a pick-pocketer. Ali was born to an Arab man and Indian women.

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These 5 are the top most dangerous criminals in India also we have a list of some other criminals who were involved in criminal activities like- Gangsters, Don’s, Smuggling, Murders, Land grabbing, Jewelry smuggling, Providing drugs etc.

Some other dangerous Men’s in India are:

  • Abu Salem from Uttar Pradesh supplying weapons to celebs and also involved in many bomb blasts.
  • Tiger Menon from Mumbai who is one of the dangerous terrorists.
  • Varadarajan Mudaliar born in Madras he is the famous gangster in India.
  • Chota Shakeel is involved in the Mumbai attack and also having some criminal track like trafficking etc.

Hope you all aware of these top dangerous men in India. basically, these people are good by born but their situation made as they are as dangerous. Apart from these people, there are many in the same list, but these people are most wanted so only we highlighted here. Check out like this more interesting news and facts with us by visiting us.

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