Dark Chocolate : Top Dark Chocolates Brands in India

Chocolate lovers are apart from the age factor. Kids, men women, uncle aunties, senior citizens will stand in the same line while coming to the factor called chocolate. Some people may hate chocolates, those people don’t read this article. This is one and only for chocolate lovers and dark chocolate lovers are most welcomed. I know this article is about dark chocolate but I am going to start with ordinary and then I am going to move on to the source topic because everything needs some objectification. And I hope this one will also engage ordinary chocolate lovers and forget about chocolate haters, they are just savages.

First of all, there is a huge difference between candies and chocolates. All candies are in sweet taste but the taste of chocolates will differ. Sugared chocolates are in a sweet taste, dark chocolates are in a bitter taste. Once I ate a Holland made chocolate. In that they added some pink flowers, I don’t know what flower it was but that chocolate taste like salty at some point it becomes sweet and soon it becomes bitter. I hate that chocolate but I ate it fully because I am a chocolate lover. Everyone knows dark chocolate has less amount of sugar and that’s why it got its name and milk added chocolates are milk chocolates. You may ask why are you saying this to me but I said that to define small details of chocolate.


History of Dark Chocolate

It was first made in 1900 BC in central and South America and later Mayans and Aztecs made bitter chocolates for functions and medical usages. It is made from cocoa beans which come from a cocoa tree which is grown only in equator at some hot rainy places. The ingredients required to made dark chocolates are cocoa butter, cocoa mass and less amount of sugar. Ok, let me back to history. Chocolates were then discovered in 1847 by Joseph fry who made the first mouldable chocolate paste and then it was rediscovered and marketed all around the world by a company called Cadbury in 1868. Now it is the worlds largest and popular chocolate brand. Oh shit! Sorry, I forgot to give one information the cocoa tree was first discovered in the slopes of Andes Mountains. So this is the entire history of chocolate gentlemen. I hope it wasn’t bored you. Real history is always an interesting thing. The only class that I stay awake is in my history classes.

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Nutrition’s in Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates have 1 percent of water, 46 percent of carbohydrates, 42 percent of fat, 8 percentage of protein and 3 percentage of minerals. It has high vitamin content, vitamins like A, B6, E, and K are enriched in it. It has minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorous and sodium. So, guys, these are all the mineral and vitamin contents in dark chocolate.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is less sugared so it helps to diabetic chocolate lovers.
It increases the memory capacity of kids so mummies and daddies give your kids dark chocolate daily then he will clear JEE easily. Seriously it’s the truth but give it as a snack, not as a food.

It increases brain efficiency. How many of you people had saw a movie called Lussy? Yes, guys, it is Scarlet Johnansson’s movie. And also another movie called Limit Less. Not that Limit Less Netflix series. Seriously it is garbage, it also has same plot but I don’t like that web series. Back to the topic, as like in those movies chocolate also increase your brain efficiency. Not like that NZT but dark chocolate do a slow process. Kind of a very slow process but effective. Drinking a cup of black coffee and eating a bar of dark chocolate every day will definitely increase brain efficiency. Please don’t ask me at what percentage? Because I don’t know and I am not a biomedical engineer. Yes, coffee will also increase your brain efficiency but for that, you have to drink black coffee which has to be made in the first quality coffee bean. Sorry, it’s out of the topic. Do one thing eat coffee flavored dark chocolate.

Top Chocolate Brands in India

For the kind information, the list was not prepared on the basis of rank. And the list was prepared by tasting each and every brand. I haven’t tasted it for this list but I have a habit of eating dark chocolates every day. That’s how I became familiar with this topic.


So our first brand is most popular among Indians. It is basically a milk product company it starts with the letter ‘A’ and ends with the letter ‘L’. Do you find it? Yes, it is a famous thing. It is not Anil, still, need clues? Ok, its name is Amul.


Yes, they are the same fellows who used to sell Amul ice creams, Amul milkshakes, Amul curd, Amul butter and I think that the list might go long. It is such a good brand and I love its product. I hope you guys too love it.
This one will be a new brand for you guys. But it is a trusted one. Believe me, i ate this and my nephew used to buy this brand. Its name is Rite bites max.

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Rite Bite Max

It has enriched protein and nutritional content. Its father brand is Naturell India. Next brand in the list is Zevic.


It is the Belgium verity chocolate which contains 70 percent darkness. We came to the end of our list the last one is Ferrero Rocher.

Ferrero Roche

As like as the above dark chocolates, this one is also a quality product but its name sounds like the old Roman thing.

Whatever in my opinion chocolates are only for the rich one and I have to tell you a fact. An average worker in a chocolate factory cannot have money to buy a single bar of chocolate. It sounds like communism but it is a sad reality so please donate chocolates to economically backward kids.

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