Dirtiest City in India | Top 10 Ugly Places in India

Dirtiest Cities In India 2019

India has been a developing country since independence. In India, each day a new building will rise to touch the sky, a new innovation take place, a political party born to rule the nation. On the other side, a family is living in a single room and striving hard to have a single time food. Most of us know only the developing side of India. we are not aware of the slums in the cities of India. In fact, every city of India is hiding its dirt and slum with Metro rail, airport big building, corporate culture. Well, walk along with us to know about the dirtiest city in India.

By this article, we are going to describe to you about the Top 10 Dirtiest City in India. Of course, there are many cities in India wearing the name of ugliness. As of now, we are just pointing a few major cities which are the dirtiest city with a fastmoving culture.  The reason may be poverty, illiteracy, and lack of maintenance. Due to this, the whole city becomes ugliest views and smells. Hence, Let’s have a look at those Dirtiest Cities in India.

Dirtiest City in India

Top Ten Dirtiest Cities in India 2019

  • Kolkata
  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Mumbai
  • Ahmadabad
  • Varanasi
  • Gonda
  • Katihar
  • Hyderabad


Kolkata will reserve the best Dirtiest City in India. It is the city of Bhadrolok, where peace and cultural enrichment is famous. The City also has a rather ugly side i.e. Sonagachi. In Asia, Kolkata is one of the largest red light districts. The existence of this abandoned area is a secret and the need to respond to the carnal desires of the people led to an agreement to leave the region. This is a land, where humans involve in selling and buying the flesh during the daytime. Due to this, The Human Trafficking hub of India in Kolkata. According to the report of 2012, 14,000 children and adults were missing and the sex market is the reason for destroying them. Since the rate of Sex Abasement is very high in Kolkata.


Bangalore, being home to a million people. It is a beautiful city for good nightlife, posh lifestyle and all other fashionable things. But with all the noticeable wealth, you should know that there is a socio-economic garbage yard somewhere nearby. Now, to realize the city’s alien feeling, officials have offered in order to free Bangalore from all beggars. The way the beggars were rehabilitated was nothing more than a concentration camp that resulted in the death of 264 innocent lives – just to keep the beauty of Bangalore.


Delhi is one of the Dirtiest City in India. It has another name called Rape Capital of India, By considering the rape case which took place on 16th December. However, Delhi is the worst and unsafe place for women to live in. Delhi, being the capital of rape in India, strengthened its rights after the incident of December 16. Delhi is one of the worst places a woman can live in. No place is dirtier than a place which has a high rate of Rape Cases. Furthermore, Rs. 3000 Crore was sanctioned by Government to ensure women’s safety in Delhi. But, the amount was not well utilized and was simply shattered.


In December 2015, the city faced shocking floods, some people tried to make the best of it. As the thieves attacked people for money, and many other useful things. For a premium price, they sold them to the stores later. This city is Cultureless, the rickshaw drivers are cruel, also the only place in India which requires re-colonizing. And mainly, this place has no feel and has nothing to do.

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It is one of the world’s largest cities in Population. Amid the Glitz and glamour of Mumbai, the facts are often overlooked. If there is something that the city has eaten like worms, it is the growing threat of land mafia. It is not that he did not protest, but there were situations, where activists were threatened and beaten until they fall unconscious during the daytime. Several reports have shown that the majority of slums in Mumbai are under the control of the land mafia, who act as lords and occupy government areas by allowing thousands of slum dwellers to live in those areas. However, doing the destruction of these slums are easy.

Dirtiest City in India


Although the most developed states in the country are Gujarat, Ahmadabad is knowns to be the poorest place to live. The slums of Ahmadabad are among the most affected areas across the country. Most people here still struggle to get clean water and proper electricity. Day labourers fall ill in such adverse circumstances and will later suffer from a scarcity of money. Around 10,000 slum dwellers were asked to shift their place and their homes were sold to private developers for the Sabarmati River Beautification Project. About 3000 families living in slums, by using the remains of the 20,000 families, who were blessed with food and shelter.


Varanasi is the most sacred place because of the Ganges, which is known to be one of the most polluted rivers in India. The streets are filled with cow dung, where pedestrians faced difficulty in walking. The sacred Ganga River is filled with human corpses, sewage, and other pollutants. It’s hard to define Varanasi. This place is filled with poverty, dirt, pollution, and crowds of people which crammed into a small town.


Gonda is the city located in Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the dirtiest city in India. This city is about 125 km away from Lucknow. According to Swachh Survekshan Survey 2017, The dirtiest city of India is the Gonda in Uttar Pradesh. This Survey was conducted in 434 towns and cities in order to monitor the progress of the Swachh Bharat Mission.

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This city located in Bihar. It must work hard to remove the label from the dirtiest city in India. This can easily be reached, as the city is one of the well-planned cities in India. Katihar city has LED street lights and several walks on the bridges. The total population of this city is about 2.4 lakhs.


Hyderabad’s policies again shamed the city when the suicide of graduate student Rohit Vermulla made a protest against discrimination against Dalits. Also, when students raised their voices on the subject police involved in the beating, threatening, abusing and locked them up on campus without any access to food or electricity. The media did not have access to the campus either. The attackers threatened the teachers who supported the students to interrogate them instead of beating them, but they were ignored. 3500+ students slept without food and water, survived without electricity and were locked in a campus.

Hence, Each city has its own greatness, It is completely our responsibility to keep our city clean and tidy. Not only in terms of cleanness, As an Indian it is our responsibility to contribute something it may be in terms of Money, Food, Education, knowledge to other people towards their development. If we take initiation of it, there will be no Dirtiest City in India.

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