Foods To Reduce Blood Pressure : Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Quickly

Build a healthy relationship with good food to leave a strong life with your friends and family by taking fresh eatables and clean environment to keep your health better. Nowadays there are several reasons that can cause high blood pressure chief among being age and family history. Trending affected all this problem, because of our official and financial tension

Blood pressure is also known as hypertension there are two types of blood pressure. High blood pressure and low blood pressure. High BP refers to the pressure of blood against the artery walls. Sometimes called the silent killer because it produces no symptoms and can go unnoticed for years.


Diastolic pressure during relaxation and dilatation of the ventricles of the heart when the ventricle fill with blood relating to the phase of the heartbeat when the heart muscle contracts and pumps blood from the chambers into the arteries



Garlic has always been recognized as a magical food with the ability to also leave a nasty smell on your breath. It can help you to reduce systolic blood pressure which in turn would outweigh the smelly problem it may cause. Also, Garlic contains a component named Alicin, which helps our body to overcome the health-related problems as it has natural antibiotic benefits. Always prefer garlic instead of using salt will improve the heart-related problems.



Lemon juice help to keep the blood vessels flexible and soft. by removing the rigidity from the blood vessels the blood pressure levels will come down. You can lower your chance of complete heart failure by consuming lemon juice on a regular basis.

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Bananas have been proven to reduce your chance of a stroke by 40% which is great news. However, it has also been proven that those who eat two bananas a day for the entire week can lower their blood pressure by 10%. It is because Bananas has a high amount of mineral and potassium which helps your body to manage your pressure. It is known that potassium reduces the tensions present in our blood vessels.

Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek seed lowers blood pressure level due to their high level of potassium. Potassium binds with salt and removes it from the body which will lower blood pressure boil two teaspoons of fenugreek seed in one cup of water for two or three minutes then strain. Place the boiled seeds in your blender and mix until it forms a paste. Separate the paste into two portions and consume one portion each consumes one portion each morning and the other in the evening. This might take 8 weeks before you begin to get a result.



Cocoa is also very good at lowering blood pressure. It is the raw cocoa that has all the benefits. Don’t confuse raw cocoa with chocolate. They will not have the same result. But you can choose the chocolate which contains at least 70% of cocoa in them as it will help your body to reduce the tension level from your body.


This cruciferous veggie is a good source of the blood pressure regulation mineral’s magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Broccoli sprouts and high in compounds that may help reduce damage to arteries. Which may play an important role in reducing high blood pressure.

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Honey has a calming effect on the blood vessels which will reduce which will reduce blood pressure level. Simply eat two teaspoons of raw honey, organic honey, on an empty stomach every morning. You can also mix lemon juice and honey together for a double whammy of blood vessel relaxing power.


Beetroot has the ability to help too if you drink a 500ml glass of beetroot juice you can lower your blood pressure level. Who knows something as simple as a glass of juice could help you so much? Also, some studies show that consuming Beet juice continuously will help you to gradually reduce the blood pressure from our body and after the 24 hours of taking the juice you will feel the positive result within this short time.

Green Beans

green beans

Green beans have a direct on your blood pressure. Creating favourable conditions for healthy levels. They do this by helping your body in at least three different aspects, due to the vitamin c contain their fibre content and also potassium, which has perhaps the most direct effect you simply can’t go wrong by adding green beans to your plate, just be sure not to smother them in butter. Consider adding silver almonds to makes them even healthiest.


It is important to use blood pressure medications. If you have to your diet and the foods you eat also be a helpful tool in lowering your blood pressure naturally. Here are natural foods to lower blood pressure. There is no getting around it must of us absolutely

Cocoa Chocolate

Cocoa is the major ingredient in chocolate, contain a compound called flavanols, which come from the cocoa bean in fact including in some good quantity cocoa has been shown to help relax arteries and improve blood flow, along with decreasing both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Try to add unsweetened cocoa powder to your morning oatmeal, coffee. Make your own hot chocolate with unsweetened cocoa powder.

White Beans

white beans

Lowering your blood pressure require more than just cutting back on sodium. You also need to eat foods high in at beans of their three minerals, calcium, magnesium, and potassium with white beans.


When a person drinks 330ml of pomegranate juice every day for four weeks, both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure dropped.



We eat two large slices of watermelon daily. Certain amino acids found in watermelon helps to produce nitric oxide that assists in blood vessels.

Blue Berry

Flavonoids and other compounds found in blueberry stimulated the production of nitric oxide. To reduce the blood pressure level and ease blood circulation naturally, consider consuming a cup of fresh blueberries. It is because blueberry has an anti-oxidant substance named anthocyanins. Also, it is discovered that the individuals who took anthocyanins experience 8% of the reduction of higher blood pressure.

Milk & Diary

Milk is a great source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium that help to control blood pressure level. It contains amino acids called bioactive. A peptide that is involved in blood pressure regulation.


The leafy green vegetables provide calcium, potassium, and minerals etc., spinach contains certain peptides that by inhibiting angiotensin – converting enzyme (ACE) help in dilating the blood vessels



Potato is a great source of potassium, which is important for reducing extra sodium from the body. It also contains magnesium, which protects the blood vessels and helps in thinning the blood. Potato has many good nutrients but potassium is the one which helps your body to reduce the blood pressure. Moreover, you won’t need to take a high amount of this to experience the effect of taking at least 250 mg for a day is enough.

Limited and healthy foods will lead to a healthy life. Food is an important parameter in diseases like wound healing, bone fractures, inflammation, and colds. During a wound, bone fracture or inflammation, consuming a sufficient diet helps to overcome the pain and inconvenience during the healing process.

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