Simple Health Tips In English – Natural Health Tips In English

Simple Health Tips In English – Today, bad eating and lifestyle habits are becoming the cause of such diseases for which a lot of money has to be spent on doctors and medicines to cure them. Many diseases can be completely cured even after spending so much money, they can only be kept under control, like diabetes, obesity and BP. So if you do not want to spend any more money on expensive doctor’s fees and medicines, then start following the health tips given here from today.

Simple Health Tips In English – Natural Health Tips In English

1) Take sunlight

Morning sunlight is very beneficial for the body. This provides the body with plenty of Vitamin D which strengthens the bones. Apart from this, many types of skin problems remain away by sunbathing, moreover, consumption of sunlight is considered necessary for peaceful sleep because it produces melatonin hormone in the body which is considered necessary for good sleep and Sitting in the sun for a while also relieves stress.

2) Work out daily

Take out 20-30 minutes daily for working out. Believe me, with this you can not only keep your body fit but can also increase your lifespan by many years. Workout does not mean going to the gym and sweating for hours, rather you can easily stay fit by doing normal household chores at home. There are many activities like yoga, rope jumping, walking which do not require any kind of investment and their benefits are immense.

3) Take healthy diet

If you want to stay safe from dangerous diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems, then first of all completely eliminate oily, spicy and junk food from your diet. Also reduce the amount of sugar and salt. Eat simple food, which keeps not only the body but also the mind healthy and the most important thing to follow is to set a time for eating.

4) Drink plenty of water

Apart from keeping the body hydrated, water is also very important for many important functions of the body. It is important to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day, drinking like this is even more beneficial. This will not only improve digestion but obesity can also be controlled.

5) Get 6-8 hours of sleep

Sleep plays a big role in keeping the body and mind healthy. Restful sleep makes you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. Can focus on some work. Memory remains fine and digestion also remains good. So for good sleep, it is better not to use mobile, TV etc. after going to bed.

6) Drink hot water in the morning

To keep the body healthy, it is important to adopt right habits in your diet and daily routine. Make a habit of drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning. Drinking plenty of water reduces the risk of dehydration and also removes toxicity from your body. After this, take out time for at least 30 minutes of yoga and exercise every morning. These habits can be especially beneficial in keeping you fit both physically and mentally.

7) Have breakfast

People should not skip morning breakfast under any circumstances. In the morning, a hormone is produced in the body, which is called ‘cortisol’. For this, morning breakfast is necessary. When you skip breakfast, you become vulnerable to hypertension and diabetes as well as obesity.

8) Always chew your food thoroughly.

Food should always be chewed thoroughly and one should not drink water while eating. Water should be drunk one hour before or one hour after eating food. The acid produced in the stomach plays an important role in digesting food. Drinking water affects it and the digestion process gets affected.

9) Don’t take stress

Do not take stress and parents should not give stress to children. We can keep ourselves healthy by not taking stress. Do yoga along with morning walk or evening walk.

10) Take care of cleanliness

The risk of infection in the body increases due to dirt. Take bath every day and avoid sweating during summer. Wear cotton clothes during summer and change clothes more than once if necessary. Be careful while using the toilet. Clean hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after using the toilet.

11) Reduce medication intake

Some people take medicines even in mild pain without consulting the doctor. But let us tell you that doing this can weaken the immunity. Consuming medicines without doctor’s advice can have negative effects on the body. To avoid diseases, keep taking information about necessary vaccines and tests from your doctor.

12) Say no to bad habits

If you take drugs, smoke or consume alcohol, it reduces your immunity. This affects your health. Your bad habits make you sick. Therefore say bye to them and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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