High Calorie Indian Foods : Check Out High Calorie Foods List

Consuming high calories natural food is a quick way to gain weight. There are many High calories foods available in the Market to have, but the thing is we have to eat only Natural food only to live well. Artificial high calories foods sometimes give you a good response but in the future that may cause any issues with our body, so we should go for High-Calorie Indian Foods. Moreover, we prepared a High-Calorie Foods List. Just have a look at it and try to have those and be healthy guys!

High-Calorie Indian Foods: High-Calorie Foods List

  • Milkshakes and Smoothies
  • Milk
  • Rice
  • Nuts & Peanut Butter
  • Red Meat
  • Potatoes and Starch
  • Salmon and Oily Fish
  • Dried Fruit
  • Eggs

Milkshakes and Smoothies:

Protein-rich smoothies will balance the lack of nutrients and adds more calories to the diet. Also, chocolate banana milkshake, vanilla berry shake are some of the yummy smoothies rich in calories.


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Milk has a good balance of proteins, carbs, and fat. Seems like, it is a good source of calcium and it is absolutely a weight gainer. Milk is said to have excellent protein for those who are trying to gain muscles. Either you are trying to gain weight or lose weight milk is considered as the best choice and it helps you to gain strength to your bones


Rice is a convenient food for gaining weight. Because it is rich in carbohydrate and it is fairly a carbo-dense food. But an extremely large amount of consumption of rice is not advisable due to the presence of arsenic and phytic acid content. As it contains a good amount of minerals, carbs and vitamins. Carbs that are present in the rice will help your body to store glycogen and glucose in your blood cells and taking rice will reduce the tiredness from your body and makes you more active.

Nuts & Peanut Butter:

Nuts are the perfect choice to look for to gain weight. Since they are very calorie dense, one hand full of all varieties of nuts can bring you the perfect amount of calories that you were looking for. Also in peanut butter and other types of nut butter can be added to various dishes which will also help you to gain weight. Moreover, eating nuts will give you a good amount of calories to your body, which helps you to be active throughout the day and also it will add more strength to your body.

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Red Meat:

Red meat is the best protein-rich food to gain muscles. We have to consider the fatty areas of meat to gain weight. A study said that consuming 170 grams of meat every day gave them strength to work out and increased growth of important muscles while working out.

Potatoes and Starch:

Comparingly potatoes have a little bit higher carbohydrate and protein, it becomes fat while being fried in oil. For example, boiled potatoes give you carbohydrate and whereas fried potatoes like French fries will add fat to your body.

Salmon and Oily Fish:

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Unlike red meat, fishes are good for health and have a lot of excellent sources of protein and healthy fat content. Also, seafood offers numerous benefits for your health and helps in fighting diseases. Therefore, It is said that fishes are rich in omega which helps in improved eyesight. Fish has a great number of minerals and proteins, which helps your body to improve the mass of the lean muscle.

Dried Fruit:

Dried fruits are rich in calories as they have high sugar content. Which will help you to gain weight. People might think fruits may lose their nutrients while drying but it is not the case. Also, they become protein rich and it is good for health. You can also try consuming avocados, healthy cereals, cereal bars, etc. as they are completely high-calorie food which will help you gain weight naturally.


Eggs are filled with the maximum amount of nutrients. Also, the eggs contain different types of proteins which help you to improve various functions in your body such as increasing bone density, improving cell function and balancing your hormones. If you like to build your body take 6 eggs for a day. Otherwise, do not take more than 5 eggs for a week.

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Hope you all seen these top high-Calorie Foods List with us, be aware of these foods lists and kindly share to your friends too make them healthy. Food is the Medicine for Every Health Issues in this world. By consuming exactly food for the particular Food, we can clear the health issue and we can control it as well.

So always think and go with Natural foods and always try to avoid artificial foods guys! those may give you the Yemmy Taste but be remember, Sweety one always harmful to our health. Hope you all aware of this, and will not try those. if you have any suggestions or objections over this article or bulk of this information kindly let me know guys!

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  1. I often crave Indian food for it s mouth-watering spices but many of the dishes can be high in calories and fat. If you re looking for more healthy Indian recipes, check out my Healthy Curry Chicken .

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