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Are you suffering from a fever? Don’t go with tablets and hospitals buddies, try to go with Natural remedies way to clear that illness. If we always go with Tablets and Injections then in future our body will get affected by some side effects, so always  Try out this simple home remedies when you are sick.

fever remedies

By simply trying these simple method you may get relief from fever as much as possible, if you got relief from fever by attempt these, kindly mention with us in the comment section, then other people might have more confidence and trust with these home remedies.

Fluid Intake

This is going to be one of the best remedies to reduce fever. If you are affected with fever then it might result in your body to the dehydration and fluid loss. A person who suffers from fever should take more fluids like water, Juice, yoghurt than the normal times or even an ice pop if they are up to it. This fluid will reduce the temperature of your body at least a minimum level.

Massage with Mustard Oil and Garlic

The combination of Mustard Oil and garlic will work an effective agent to foster sweating and throughout toxins. To make this excellent combination just follow a few steps

home remedies for fever

  • Take 2 tablespoons of Mustard oil and heat up this in the micro oven for 30 seconds.
  • Add one tablespoon garlic paste in it and mix well. Let this mixture for 2 minutes as it returns to room temperature.
  • Then, Massage well to your body with this mixture especially, to their chest, back, neck, palms, and feet.

Use Lemon & Honey

The combination of Lemon & Honey will work as a powerful immunity booster to the people are sick. This will become one of the best workable home remedies for fever. Mix some honey in lemon juice and take this mixture at least 2 times a day. even better results, add a tablespoon of ginger powder in it. you can feed this to your child also if your baby suffers from fever.

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Reduce Temperature with Onions

Most of us know onion is a versatile staple which can commonly be used in the Indian kitchen. The onion will work as a home remedy for fever as it works for many other health issues. It will help you to reduce temperature and relieves body ache caused by fever. Cut onion into slices and rub it on your feet. try this method 2 to 3 times a day. But this method is a little bit dangerous or harmful, why because it will reduce the body heat as its nature. but if you already have more body temperature then for a day or some moment your body will exhaust more amount heat that time might you will feel very bad health conditions.

Take Bath with Ginger

ginger bath for fever

Mix about 3 to 4 tablespoons of Ginger powder in lukewarm water which will fill your bathtub. Have a stranded bath with this water for at least 10 minutes. The ginger helps induce sweating, which flushes out toxins. This is one of the most effective home remedies for fever. Basically, on fever time people suggested to don’t take bath daily, but a bath with ginger will be different, so you no need to worry about it guys! you can trust me.

Apple Cider

This is also known to be working as one of the most effective home remedies for fever. Apple cider contains a type of vinegar with the acidic nature which helps to get the heat out of our body and causes cooling. Also, the vitamins and minerals present in this will help our body to obtain strength to fight against the fever by increasing our immunity power. Take a glass of water and mix it with 2 spoons of Apple cider and one spoon of honey. Then, drink this solution three times per day to experience the best result.

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Be aware of it, there are many kinds of fever is there, like viral fever and dengue fever and etc., so be aware of those. If it a viral or any other harmful fever then for these kinds of simple natural home remedies might not work, based on the health condition of the person. so aware of that guys.

And we are not guaranteed, if anything happened wrongly by tried these home remedies for fever, as I told before based on the person’s health conditions a body type it might work. we have to think both ways, generally, we should think in naturals way only to clear our health issues.

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