Ice Cream Brands : List of Top Ice Creams Brands in India

How many of your mouths are secreting saliva while seeing the word ice cream? Don’t worry its perfectly natural. Even my mouth also doing the same. How many of you guys know this fact? The first ice cream was made in the year of 500BC at the great Achaemenid empire. Later in 400BC Persians gave a different taste to ice creams by adding rose water in it. But the Chinese applied a different idea in it, they only added milk and rice in ice creams. Seriously ice creams came with a huge history and it traveled through various cultures like Greek ice creams of 5th BC, Mongolian ice creams, Persian ice balls; the history has a huge list but apart from history, apart from culture ice cream is the symbol of happiness. Not only for kids but also for many grown kids like me. Your mom will say, eating ice creams will cause cold and fever. Don’t trust that statement, it is unproven one.

Ice Cream Lovers

Ills are caused by germs only and not by ice creams. But this scenario is not applicable in winter and rainy seasons. It is a separate science. In winter your body is in the semi-warm state so if you eat more cooling stuff then your T Cells will increase the temperature of your body and cause fever. It may lead to cause fits.

ice cream brands in india

Whatever my mom says and Whatever the doctor says, ice cream is my favorite snack. Usually, I consume it as a food but we have to say it as a snack. Don’t worry rise your voice and proudly say I am an ice cream eater. Participate in ice cream eating competitions and proud to be an ice cream eater. Now I am going to give an exclusive thing for ice cream lovers. That is a list of top ice cream brands in India but this my list only and I am really sorry if it not matches with your list. And one additional information this list is not about branding and it speaks only about the taste. For your kind information, this list is not ranking, everything on the list is top qualities. Ok,

Let’s get into the list. First I am going to say about a delicious brand. I am not saying that other brand ice creams are not delicious. Which means every brand are delicious but this one is extremely delicious but I never said, rest of the brands are not extremely delicious. How can I describe that with a correct word? I am sorry no words. Better I should get back to the topic. This brand is very much popular in a small city called Vellore which is in the classical state of India called Tamil Nadu but other than Vellore it is not available. So if you want to taste this, you have to go Vellore or ask your Vellore city friend to parcel this brand but I am not responsible if it melts. Any Vellore readers guessed this? Ok time to open the suspense, it is the great Maharani Ice creams.

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Maharani Ice Creams

When I was a kid my aunt used to buy this to me of Corse at that time I went to my aunt house for vacation. I still remember my first kiss with that great queen and the taste of her was copied in my gene. Oh, Great Queen, my love is for you only for you. Great Queen is the metaphorical representation of Maharani. Where was I? Ok got it. If you are an ice cream lover do one thing, book a ticket or take a car and first go to Vellore and buy that beauty the kiss her. Don’t miss the golden temple while going to Vellore.

The second one is a famous one because this brand adds will comes at least once in five minutes. The running time of that add is five minutes, Just Joking guys. Seriously first time I admitted in the hospital for diarrhea after eating this ice cream but diarrhea was not caused by this ice cream. I love this one because of its verities. It is none other than Paddle Pop.

Paddle Pop

I shorten its name as PP because Paddle Pop sounds large to me. Fans of PP alone knows It’s worth. Basically, I am a great fan of PP but I am suggesting PP as a fan so just consider my words.

This one is special to me because this brand’s name and my old friend’s name is the same. I know it is a bad clue but, just leave it. It is Arun ice cream.

Arun Ice cream

It is a popular one in pop culture days. It has many verities and flavors, that’s why it has its own brand value. Personally, I tried it for the first time in 2005 because at that time a girl will come in this brand television add and I like that girl so that’s it.

arun ice creams

So these are the top three ice cream brands in India and we are at the end of my list. Guys wait a minute I have some health advice and some special mentions for you. I first start with special mentions. These three brands have special places in my list they are Amul, Dairy Day and Service ice creams. Kindly try these also.

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Now coming to the health advice; I know advice sucks but what to do? What to do is a question but what not to do is advice. Sounds like that funny Kanadam song right? Back to the advice, have you ever kept milk in the freezer? If you did this you will definitely know what will happen. Yes, it becomes like crystal ice but when you keep ice cream in a freezer it becomes like a smooth and creamy substance. Yup, that is because of chemicals.

And this one is especially for vanilla flavor fans. Vanilla flavor comes from a flower called venally but the rate of that single flavor is more than a kilogram of tea powder. But the minimum price of a vanilla ice cream is five rupees. Again chemicals gentleman, do you know one thing? If you eat more ice creams, you die. else you eat that once in a day, you die. You eat that shit once in a weak, guess what? you die. I am not saying about qualifies. So mummies and daddies don’t let your kids eat that more or save some money for hospitals. Ice creams are milky and flavored stuff, underline the word flavored. Chemicals suck right?

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