Importance of Sports in School Life – Physical Education

Sport is a common thing among students all over the world. Usually, Indian boys prefer Football and cricket and girls used to play volleyball and tennis. But it is not a rule to play like this. Everyone can play anything but our schools won’t do that. Some schools concentrate only on education rather than sports. That is not a good mode of education. Education is a thing which gives knowledge about everything. Before the technological era, we guys have no entertainment other than games and sports. We used to play cricket, football, and 7 stones. 7 stones is a fun game but it is interesting and never ever degrades or underestimates a sport.

importance of sports

There no bad sport, many of our people think football is superior or cricket is superior but the real thing is every sport is a good sport. Sport is a thing which gives physical education and exercise. While speaking some people used to say this ‘take it as sportive’ which means accept your defeat. You can win only if you accept your defeat. That failure teaches you some lessons and gives you guidance or root to success. Every sport is common for everyone but we don’t see women’s cricket. This thing has to change, a true sports lover has to encourage and see every form of sport.

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I studied mine Under Graduation in the hostel. My hostel has a habit of watching sports. The only good thing among us is we watch all the sports in the common TV hall. The TV was connected with DTH but we only watch two channels star sports and ESPN.

Sport teaches you a lot, it helps in that game and also in real life so cheer the sports apart from its form or popularity.


Sports give discipline. If you are in a kabaddi team you have to be on the ground at the time of practice sharply. If you failed to do that you will not be allowed to play. In kabaddi inside the field, you can’t speak vulgarly and the raider can’t speak anything than kabaddi, kabaddi.

This game teaches about the purpose of speaking rather than playing.

A strict coach is like your father, he knows your plus and minus. He knows what you can do and what you can’t do. The respect you give to him is the best quality of discipline.

Sports Teach Friendliness

It gives better bonding between the seniors and juniors. Bullying and ragging are common in school and college life. But sports kids will not do that because they concentrate only on sports and they respect their juniors.

Sports Develop Leadership Qualities

A kid might be a junior but he can become a captain of the team and the seniors will accept that because that’s called sportsmanship. This discipline can lean only from sports.

If your kid is hard and spends his time lonely then join him in a sports academy.

The ground is a better teacher. The time your kid spends on the ground decides their future health. So ask them to play not in the joystick, actually in the ground.

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Every sport gives you exercise, which means it helps you to improve your fitness. A sportsperson will not have a heart problem.

  • Sports improve your respiration and breathing.
  • Playing a sport in the early morning is a good thing. It is very much effective than a gym works out.
  • An athletic person body blood vessels are healthier than a normal person.
  • You can live free from blood pressure and diabetic problems.

But you can’t suddenly start to play something on your 40 because your body won’t accept that so that’s why I suggesting sports for school students. You can bend a plant but it is hard to bend a tree. So ask your kids to practice some sports.

Health Benefits of Sports

  • Your kid can get better stamina and maintain their energy.
  • School kids will be free minded and live a stress-free life if they practice sports.
  • Sports makes your kids fit both physically and mentally.
  • Sports give sprit and confidence among kids so they can easily be motivated and it helps in their character development.

Psychological Benefits of Sports

When your kid playing a sport he or she not only learning to play but also learning to be in a part of a group which helps their future.

When a team wins entire kids in that team will be happy, if the team loses, then the entire team will be sad. The good thing is not in winning or losing, they are sharing their emotion it is a healthy state of mind.

This helps to understand one another which is good for this society. We are receiving some news on our day to day life. Like a kid who committed suicide because of mental stress and anger. The only way to get recover from this kind of situation is to be in a group. Sports help to do that so that’s why I am repeatedly registering sports is important for students.

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A sports kid will not get attracted by alcohol, cigarettes, and any other form of drugs. This is an important point to understand why kids need sports.

Patience is another important thing. The only way to learn patience is through sports. If you are a sports person then you will know that you have to wait for your opportunity. Once it comes that patience you kept before will automatically change into positive energy that positive energy makes your effort to the next level.

Some researches in western countries say that sports have negative effects too. This means unsupervised one, yes sports needs guidance and supervision. Or else it will lead to bad effects. Many students died because of that so don’t force or restrict a kid on sports. Just tell them it’s the importance and ask them to practice sports and don’t push them, just let them do. And here my article ends hope it will be helpful for you all. Thank you and have a good day.

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