Interview Tips | 100% Working Job Interview Tips for Govt & Private Jobs

Everyone has some dream job in their life, it might be a Government Sector or Private Sector. But we need to fight for that dream job through our education systems and interviews. So, if you want to get a job in any sector you must face the interviews. Furthermore, without Interview, there are no placements in any kind of offices or companies.

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So, preparing for the interviews is a very important one to everyone, we are there to help you out, how to crack your interviews. So, no need to worry about it. Just read our suggestions and tips and notes for you Interviews and win your life, then thanks us later.

Interview Tips | 100% Working Job Interview Tips

  • Know More About the ROLE Which you Applied
  • Do Some Basic Research About the Company
  • Know about your Resume / CV clearly
  • Attend Some Mock-Interview
  • About Appearance / Dress Code
  • Prepare What to Ask?
  • Have a Genuine Haircut Before Going to Interview?
  • Have a Good Sleep
  • Know the Reason Why You Want This Job
  • Succeed in the First 5 Minutes

Ok, let get into the subject, in this article we discussed sections like what you should do in your interview, what you should not do in your interviews lists and checklist for interviews that you need to prepare before going for an interview. And appearance suggestions and additional notes for the interviews.

Let’s Start,

Things to do before going to Interview:

As I told you before, everyone will get some fear and nervousness and scare about their interviews even though they experienced. So, might be you supposed to miss some important documents or research or something else. Here we prepared the list of things that you have to do before going to your interviews.

Know More About the ROLE Which you Applied

If you are a fresher, then it’s your main part, just try to aware of the JOB ROLE which you applied in that company. Like Job Descriptions. At least know something about your responsibilities and basic required skills to fit into that particular JOB ROLE. Based on this only recruiter may analyze about like how you fit into this Job. As well there is a chance to ask a question like “what you know about this Job Role?” so, without fail just analyze it and rock it.

Do Some Basic Research About the Company

As mentioned in the topic itself, do some needful research or analyze the company profile, where you applied for the job. No need for depth analysis, just aware of what are all the departments are there, where are all the branches are there for that company and who is the founder an when they stared, what is the role for that company in terms of business or to the society, if they got any awards in recently, like this do some basic research guys! you can get all truthful information from their official websites itself, go and find it there itself, rather than searching on google. This preparation might help you with the question of “what you know about this company?”

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Know About Your Resume / CV Clearly

This is very common things to all of the students, seems most of them doing copy paste of resuming with their friends or any other sample of internets, so some of them are they don’t know but they keeping in their resume. This is a very dangerous one for you. Each and every letters and dot of your resume, it should be your knowledge. If you not sure about anything please do remove it. It’s good to keep only a smaller number of skills, which are all you know well than Showing more numbers of skills which you don’t know properly. Don’t create a chance to reject you by adding irreverent things. Most of the interview, recruiter asking questions from your resume / CV only, so be series about it.

Attend Some Mock-Interview

There are many options to take mock interviews online as well as off-line too. With free of cost and paid mock interview also available around you. which will help you to reduce your stress level and fear about in the interview process. So, if you take the off-line mock interview like a face-to-face interview, that will help you lot in terms of all. There you can identify your self where you struggling and facing the issues, based on that you can prepare it.

About Appearance / Dress Code

It’s a kind of basic things I guess, even if you are an experienced guy, be formal and discipline, don’t think like I have a piece of knowledge so dress code and appearance doesn’t make sense. Some of the company wants discipline than knowledge so be you and try to act for the day at least. For girls also it will suit, if you may be a modern girl, no issues for the day wear some traditional dress code. Moreover, attractive kind of dress codes won’t be work all the times.

Prepare What to Ask?

Yeah! Most of them might be aware of this section, in some companies some of the recruiter asking a question to you like “Do You have any question with us?”. So just prepare for it as well, here we can’t tell about a particular question, is based on the company and what job role you applied for. So, think accordingly and be on it. Therefore, I think this is a chance to impress them.

Have a Genuine Haircut Before Going to Interview?

It will suit for both the genders, whatever you following as your hairstyle, if it formal one than no issues, else do some nice haircut and do clean shave. For girls no need to mention anything particularly, you know well what to do. Just go on it.

Have a Good Sleep

This might help you for controlling your stress and freshness on the face, if you do not sleep properly then your face will be looking dull and lazy, so don’t do that, have a good and peaceful sleep, then morning you will feel a good energetic and fresh mind.

Know the Reason Why You Want This Job

Before going to interview get your mind ready with at least 5 selling points for the reason that why you are the best candidate. Then, you need to convince the interviewer that you are the best option for this job offer or else he won’t give you the job opportunity. Also, always be prepared with the point why you want the job and which thing in the company got your attention to apply for this job.

Succeed in the First 5 Minutes

Some of the researchers suggest that the interviewers fix their mind about the candidates during the first 5 minutes of the process and they pass the remaining time of the process to make sure that whether the decision they made is right or wrong. So use your full energy and keep the interviewer busy by making the process more interesting in the first minutes is enough to score points to succeed in the interview.

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Checklist for Before Going to Interview

Interview Tips | Private jobs interview tips

We prepared a checklist to remember you, what are the things you need to bring with you and what are the things you need a check before going to interview, just have a look at it and make sure you have/did almost points.
If you are going to the very first interview, then it will help you a lot.

  • 2 copies of your updated resume
  • Soft copies of your educational certificates (from your schooling to college level)
  • Take if any experience certificate & Old companies offer / Appointment letter (If you are Experienced)
  • Make sure about your dress code
  • Carry a Mouth Freshener
  • Carry a Biscuit pocket or any other nutrient snacks items
  • Make sure your cell phone is on Silent Mode
  • Go early to the interview place at least 30 min prior
  • Make sure you have more than one pens. And some kind of pad for written exam
  • Apply some decent perfume with sensible, don’t apply more!
  • Have some hand chiefs to avoid wetness

Things to Do While Entering The Interview Room/Hall:

  1. Ask permission to go inside
  2. Wish all the recruiters, who are sitting in a panel
  3. Keep your eye contact with all the members, don’t answer by seeing only one person.
  4. Be confident and give a handshake with more firm
  5. Ask permission to sit on the chair
  6. Keep your file in your hand, don’t keep in the bag.
  7. Sit straight and answer boldly
  8. Give an instant response to their questions, don’t think much in front of them
  9. It’s completely ok to say “I DON’T KNOW” word.
  10. Always carry a pleasant smile on your face, never show up your stress.

Things to Do While Leaving the Interview Hall:

  • Do once again handshake with all of them
  • Again, raise the same pleasant smile
  • Say thanks to everyone
  • Close the door without noise
  • While walking out be confident and straight looking

That’s it, guys! keep your awesome efforts to grab your dream jobs, never ever give up. Jobs is yours and rock it. If you really felt good things in this article please do some valid shares with your friends, that might help them to grab their dream job.

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