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Bangalore is one of the instant cities of the Indian country. Everything is instant like Instant food, Instant Job, instant purchase; instant travel is probably the only thing that not happens. You know Bangalore is the city of traffic. We have to travel in the speed of snail even in expressway then I don’t know what is express in that way except for toll fare. Heavy traffic, horn sound, and signal pressure can cause stress and noise pollution. The climate is cool but the surroundings are not. You know what it causes instant death.

Bangalore City

Nature is a good healer but we have to feel to heal. Today’s Bangalore is not like as in the past, the temperature raised than before, deforestation in the name of development. These kinds of stuff became a burden for human life. To overcome these health issues does Bangalore has medical facilities? The answer is yes. Bangalore has one of India’s largest bone marrow transplant unit, multi-specialty hospitals, cancer institute, good medical and dental colleges.

Hospitals are the last place of humans trust. Hospital’s corridors might hear more prayers than a temple or a church or a mosque. Many miracles, disasters might happen there but that place is our only hope. We treat the doctors like gods and we treat the hospitals like temples but do they deserve that superiority? Yes, they deserve but not everyone. In Bangalore, we have numerous trusted hospitals with high-tech types of equipment for treatment. People from all over the country coming there to get treatment. Many corporate units serving their treatment at affordable prize but even though we are in 2019 we have some fear in Indian treatment. To come over from that fear we have to do some research about the treatment and the disease before choosing the hospital.


  • The first thing that we have to see is the availability of the doctor. Some doctors have multiple numbers of hospitals and patients and they have no time to treat his ordinary patients so leave them to do their work.
  • The second thing that we have to notice is the success rate of the surgery or the treatment.
  • The third thing is cost affordability.
  • The fourth thing is the infrastructure and the technology that they using.
  • The last one is hospitality and the care that they provide.

Mandatory things for a good hospital

  • Good environment.
  • Better availability and infrastructure.
  • Easy availability of the needs.
  • Should be in the center of the city.
  • Experienced Doctors.

Hospitals in Bangalore offer the core specializations like Cardiology, Neurology, Dentistry, Orthopaedics, Nephrology, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Infertility, Paediatrics, and Neonatology.
Some of the corporate hospitals are serving all over the country like Apollo hospitals, Narayana health centers, Vasan eye care, and Dental care hospitals. Which are also available in Bangalore also.

Now I am giving you the top hospitals in Bangalore which has all the special features that I mentioned above. So read it fully to get better treatment and better health.

RVM Humanitarian Hospital

It was set up in 1998 by an NGO called FOSA. It is a free cost hospital. There are no cash counters in the hospital. The main motto of this hospital is ‘Reducing the pain and sufferings by making difference’ to the poor and needed people. It has good counseling and support with top consulting doctors. It gives the quality health service and becomes a number 1 hospitals in Bangalore.


It is India’s third-largest health care group which provides health and support. This unit has 15 hospitals in all over India. Because of this hospital’s specialty, patients from abroad are coming here.
This hospital provides specialties like medicine, genetics, diabetes and endocrinology, cardiology dermatology, fatal medicine, critical care, andrology and reproductive services etc among many others.
It has 650 beds, 60 specialist, and 1600 medical staffs to care for the patients.

Fortis Hospitals

Fortis health care has many hospitals in a different location in Bangalore. It is also called a Fortis medical research institute. This hospital has over 30 specialties that include cardiology, orthopedics, neuro-surgery, cardiac surgery, neurology, GI and Minimal Access Surgery (MAS).

Apollo Hospitals

It is also located in Jayanagar and Sheshadripuram but Bannerghatta is the important one in that. It is approved by joint commission International (JCI) for its excellence in medical service. Apollo hospital running 24×7 round clock treatment. Patients are also coming here from abroad. This is proof of their excellence.


This is a super specialty hospital which was started in 2008. In a short time, this hospital gained huge reputation. It has talented doctors and staffs to take care of patients.

ST JOHN’S Medical College Hospital

This hospital has 24 full-fledged departments including anesthesiology, clinical psychology, dental surgery, emergency medicine, clinical nutrition, general medicine, dermatology.

MALLYA Hospitals

It is an ISO 9001- 2008 certified hospital. It provides effective and reasonable medical care.
This hospital is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH).
Departments like cardiology, oncology, once surgery, endocrinology, pediatrics, neonatology, dentistry are available at Mallya hospitals.

SAGAR Hospitals

It has 200 beds in Jayanagar and 415 beds at Banashankari along with clinics. This hospital has a concept of the birthing suite, video conference with relatives with all over the world, green light laser surgery which comes first in the country.

So these are the top hospitals in the Bangalore city. All of them providing good support and health care. I hope this article will help you.

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