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Lord Shiva is the ultimate truth. He is one of the supreme Gods who received a form by their devotees. He is only one God without a second – the preserver, the creator, and the destroyer of this universe. According to the scriptures, Puranas, popular beliefs, and mythology, Lord Shiva has spent his entire life performing meditation in the Himalayas (Kailash Parbat). It is one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas. Devi Parvati is known to be his wife and two sons named as Kartikeya and Ganesha.

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In this article, we have gathered some interesting facts related to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is Everything

Lord Shiva is popularly known as Mahadeva. He is one of the most important gods in Hinduism and Shaivism. Moreover, Lord Shiva is one of the three most influential male deities in Hinduism. The other two are Brahma and Vishnu. According to the Smarta traditions, he is among the five necessary forms of Gods. He is limitless, transcendent, eternal, formless, unchanging as well as changing. He is a symbol of death after life as Moksha.

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Lord Shiva’s Third Eye

Lord Shiva has an iconographic attribute as his third eye on his forehead. It represents the future. Hence, he is seen as the lord of all three times, i.e., past, present, and future. The two eyes signify the moon and the sun, and the third eye means Agni (fire).

108 Names of Lord Shiva

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Most devotees know Lord Shiva as Neelkantha, Mahadev, Shankar, Visveshwar, Triolokesh, Shiva, Mahakaal, Mrityunjaya, Jatadhar, Tripurantaka, Gangadhar, Sadashiva, Sarveshwar, etc. Apart from these names, Lord Shiva has another 108 names more.

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What is the Importance of 108 in Hinduism?

108 is a symbol of 108 names of Lord Shiva. Hence, it has a considerable significance in Hindu tradition. According to the ancient mathematicians in India, 108 was the product of an exact mathematical operation which means 1 power 1 x 2 power 2 x 3 power 3 which equals to 108.

Lord Shiva – The Nataraja

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Lord Shiva is also depicted in the form of Nataraja, the God of dance. By releasing his holy temple, he performs tandav to destroy the universe and open a way for Lord Brahma to resume the process of creation. That’s why Lord Shiva is known as a symbol of change since change is the only constant. His dance depicts different acts and moods associated with the Godhead.

Lord Shiva’s Crescent Moon and Trishul’s Significance

Lord Shiva carries a Trishul which has three guns – popular as sattva, rajas, and tamas. Sattva is a symbol of creation, rajas is a symbol of continuity, and tamas is a symbol of destruction. The Crescent Moon on his head is a symbol of a time cycle.

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Lord Shiva’s Snake

In every temple, you have seen a snake coiled around his neck. The snack is known as serpent king Vasuki. According to the Puranas, Snake is the only creature who has evoked a lot of fear and danger in human beings. Hence, Lord Shiva wore the snake around his neck to deliver a message that he has control over fear and death. Again the three snakes around his neck are the symbol of past, present, and future.

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Om Nama Shivaya!

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