Importance of Previous Papers Preparation for Govt Exams

Importance of Previous Papers Preparation

Engineering ruling today’s society. The field seems to be down and even though Engineering graduates are poorly placed but without Engineering world is nothing. Speaking about the preparation of the previous paper, we can include any degree in that. But Engineering has a number of papers compared to an arts degree or a medical degree. Clearing 42 papers is not an easy job, some can clear it in one attempt but many students cannot clear it in a single attempt. Arrears teach big lessons to our life especially Engineering arrears.

I am sorry I am an engineer so that’s why I am roaming around the Engineering papers and the important thing is I don’t know about arts or medical papers. Arrears, some Engineering strength is theory but some other strength is problematic or programming papers. The person who is strong in both theory and problematic, then he has chances to get the gold medal. But most of them don’t have that power. The theory loving student will definitely place an arrear in problematic and the problematic one definitely places an arrear on theory. The complex thing is if you place an arrear in theory subject you can clear it easily but problematic is serious shit.

We can keep problematic in a place but programming paper is worse than this. Usually, hardware Engineers used to struggle in that. But apart from everything arrears are the pathfinders. Whether you accept it or not, it’s the actual truth. If you have an arrear in Math serious particularly in Anna University then god is the only person who can help you. Every department has a unique paper-like Digital Signal Processing for EEE, EDC for ECE, FM, and SOM of civil and Mechanical, OOPS for CS and IT. But a common enemy for all the departments is the M series. My friend is still struggling to clear M3 even after 2 years of Engineering. But apart from every sorrow and suffering these arrears and backlogged papers gives one thing to the students. It’s called life lessons. Don’t worry I’ll tell about it later or in the end of the article.

Paper’s Ideology

If a person has the number of arrears then he will definitely become a good engineer than any other gold medalist. He has the capability of clearing the paper but University won’t let him do that. He wrote an arrear with his friend later with his juniors and even with super juniors. The professor alone doesn’t know the important questions but he does. While preparing for arrear papers I used to do one thing that is teaching to my juniors and the sad part in that is my junior cleared it but I had that single paper till my final year. And the good thing about teaching our juniors is, he will teach us in the next semester if we forgot the subject. But jokes apart previous paper preparation is a good thing not only for Engineering students and for all streams of degree.

Importance of Previous Paper Presentation.

  • Students can easily clear the master degree entrance exams if he or she has a habit of preparing his previous semester papers.
  • Papers from the first year are the basics of whatever you studying. If you don’t recall the basics then you won’t succeed.
  • You can easily clear the technical round while attending the placement.
  • Students can easily crack government exams like RRB and UPSC if he or she has that habit.
  • It will help to clear the final year exams.
  • You can easily answer the viva questions in practical exams.

Final year students have to take a seminar for their juniors to get the internal marks. If you have the habit of preparing a previous paper then you can go to the seminar without preparation.

There is a big demand for Engineering math papers. If you help a student to clear the M series then you can earn in thousands even if you are unemployed after Engineering. It sounds funny but trusts me, my friend taking tuition class for Engineering students and earning money.

Why Should we have to Prepare Previous Papers?

The first thing is Anna University can ask any questions from the syllabus. If you have the knowledge of the previous paper, you can easily fill the pages.

It will give a better understanding of the current paper. For example, I’ll go with my department, we used to study mechanics series of paper from the 2nd semester to the 7th semester. If I have a better knowledge of Engineering mechanics then I can clear my 7th-semester paper called structural analysis 2. But that one paper stopped my degree In my final semester. Later I cleared it that’s a different matter but basics actually matter.

Basics Come from Previous Papers.

All the government exams question papers have more amount of marks for basic papers.

Understanding is more important than learning. You can learn or mug up anything easily but understanding concepts are the hard thing.

We can split out 4-year Engineering into 2 half. The first two years of Engineering or any degree gives the basics or knowledge about your working day to day life and the 2nd half of Engineering or other degree gives you the knowledge regarding your department. If you want the knowledge of your department you have to know the first half of your degree which means basics or the papers in the first 4 semesters.

Life Lesson

It’s more like a real story. I cleared my math series in the current semesters but my friend cleared it in his 7th semester and guess what he got placed in Infosys. Funny right? I am not encouraging arrears but arrear students have more knowledge and understanding than a gold medalist. But don’t prefer arrears to better concentrate on previous papers. That’s the moral of the story. So here my article ends and I hope you all like it. Keep supporting us and have a good day, thank you.

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