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If someone says the word pumpkin, what will come to your mind? For me, Halloween will come. Pumpkins are used as domesticated food since 7500 BC which comes from a squash plant. It came from the Cucurbita genus. The pumpkin that we mostly see is in orange colour, and its Taxonomical name is Cucurbita pepo but pumpkins are in different colours like white and green.

It is a native North American vegetable which is edible and its seed is used to manufacture oil. Canadian’s using pumpkin pie as traditional food. The major manufacturer of pumpkin is the USA, Canada and Mexico. But American orange pumpkin alone is used for Halloween decoration. Nearly 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins were produced in the United States. Pumpkin is the warm weather crop hence it can be produced only in the fall season, means only in the month of July. Pumpkin fruit is grown by pollination usually the pollen grains are pollinated from the male flower to the female flower by native squeeze honey bee. Without those bees, there will be no pumpkins.

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Pumpkins also have medical values, not only the fruit but also the seeds. American used to grow the pumpkin which has the weight of 1 tone, people from there celebrating pumpkin festival, for that they used to grow massively sized pumpkins. Now I am going to tell you the health benefits of pumpkins, which is fully exclusive for the pumpkin lovers. Eat pumpkins by knowing its good factors.

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Nutritional Benefits

Pumpkins contain nutrition called magnesium which helps to the proper function of the body muscles. Because of enriched magnesium content, pumpkins will improve the immune system. If you eat pumpkin once in a week then it will protect you from the common cold and cough. So the person who are all planning to build your body, add pumpkins on your diet. And mothers, please cook pumpkin dishes to your children. It helps them to play healthfully, and they can eat chocolates and ice creams happily. Better give pumpkin juices and pie to get back the empty lunch box.

Pumpkins have enriched fibre content so can cure intestine problems and it helps in digestion. People above 60 ages have to add pumpkin in their daily food because it gives help to recover from constipation. It very helps fully for the people who want to lose weight. Obesity people, drink a glass full of pumpkin juice daily and then you can absent to gym. IT people can eat pumpkin because it keeps you away from hungry for a longer time and it also gives strength. So IT engineers please eat pumpkin salad and you can cheerfully get a weekly appraisal.

Benefits for Heart Patients


Pumpkins are good for the heart and it helps to regulate blood pressure level. A BP patient can be recovered by eating a kg of pumpkin every month. It is good for the arteries, and it hardens the arteries. Heart patients can cheat their death by eating pumpkins. Eating pumpkin reduces the possibility of stroke.

Vitamin Contents

I am going to tell a big secret, that is pumpkin has a high number of vitamins C and vitamin K. Vitamin C helps to the growth of tissues. If you give the pumpkin food to the injured, they will heal quickly. And vitamin K helps to repair bone damage. And pumpkin is a mandatory thing in the orthopaedic diet. Eat a considerable amount of pumpkin daily to heal from the bone damage quickly.

  • Pumpkin also contains zinc and carotenoids which reduces the enlargement of the prostate. The person who had prostate cancer should have to consume a high amount of pumpkin.
  • Because of the presence of the vitamin A content it regulates your vision and eating pumpkin is good for eyes.
  • It also helps to recover from age-related muscular diseases. And I am giving pumpkins to my grandparents, what about you?

Enzyme Contents in Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the cheapest source of L-tryptophan. This L-tryptophan content cures insomnia which is also called sleepless disorder. And it also reduces mental problems like stress and high tension. Again I recommend this to IT engineers.


Because of the fibrous content in pumpkin, it reduces inflammatory disorders, and it is the cure for the peptic ulcer. It kills the harmful bacteria and other toxic contents in our body. My uncle once got stomach ulcer, so my grandma gave him pumpkin food daily. Believe me, he got recovered in a month. So ulcer patients don’t omit pumpkins from your food.

This is the special content for ladies. If you eat pumpkins, you guys really don’t need fairness creams. Because it is good for skin and it removes the dark spots from the skin. And oily face people this is for you also. Apply pumpkin paste on your face and keep it for 15 minutes then wash it with hot water then you will be free from the oily face but you have to do this once in three days. Try this, and you will not go to beauty parlours and save money from buying beauty creams. Suggest this to your wife to save your money.

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Pumpkins have a high amount of beta carotene. This beta carotene stuff is used for healthy lungs, and it prevents lung cancer. This is one of the known medicines for lung cancer patients without side effects.

Beauty Benefits

  • Pumpkin facial reduces the redness in the skin. Trust me it was a proven fact.
  • Pumpkin seed oil lowers the body cholesterol and keeps your heart in good condition.
  • Eating pumpkin seed is good for arthritis patients. Its antioxidant nature helps to stay in perfect health condition.
  • Diabetes patients can eat pumpkins because it regulates the body insulin level. Eat the 100 grams of pumpkin every day and kick away diabetes.

These are all the special Health benefits of Mr Pumpkin. Please give it to your children and grandparents in their daily food. Many of the vegetables are contaminated by pesticides and hybrids so eat organic made one. It is true that pumpkin is good for health but the natural one but not the artificial one.

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