Richest Women In India : List of Top 10 Richest Women In India

Many years ago, the Indian society has been considered as inferior then Women and most of the women facing problems like dowry system, the high percentage of illiteracy, sex discrimination, etc which are a big struggle for them. In olden days, they taught that women are here to consume money whole money without earning. Due to lack of education and empowerment, many women, who are silently bearing the harassment from their family members and life partners. The days had been gone where the women are treated as slaves and they are considering as not equal to the men in all the parameters.

richest women in indiia

Nowadays most of the women are the most successful persons in India. Now women are breaking the barriers and problems in society but still, there are many women facing some problems in their daily life in the modern world. Here, we have shared the top 10 richest and successful women in India.

1. Smita Krishna – Godrej

Smita Krishna

Smita is the third generation heir of the Godrej Empire. According to some of the reports, the Smita has been declared as one of the richest women in India. Her wealth is around Rs.37,570 crore. She owns the 1/5th of Godrej group with her brother Jamshyd running consumer goods of Godrej industries.

Smita Krishna Godrej Biography

2. Roshni Nadar


Roshni Nadar is the CEO and managing director of HCL company. He joined HCL during the year of 2013 at the age of 28. She is the daughter of the founder of HCL, named Shiv Nadar. Nadar is also the chairperson of Times group and ranks second with a wealth of around Rs.26,240 crore. Roshni nadar was ranked in the 51st position on the Forbes list of world’s 100 most powerful women list in 2017.

Roshni Nadar Biography

3. Indu Jain

Indu Jain

Indu Jain is the current chairperson of India’s largest media like Time group, and also the time’s foundation, which she founded. And she is a founder president of ladies wing of FICCI and chairperson of Bharatiya Jnanpith trust.

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She was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the government of India during the year of Jan 2016. Her net worth is $3.1 billion and she was ranked as the 549th richest person in the world.

Indu Jain Biography

4. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw


Kiran was an Indian billionaire entrepreneur and she is a managing director and chairperson of Biocon limited. It is a biotechnology company which is located in Bangalore, India. She was also a chairperson of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

She was awarded the Othmer Gold Medal for her outstanding contributions to the progress of science and chemistry during the year of 2014 and she was listed as 85th most powerful women in the world by Forbes and again listed her in 2016 and 2017. Her net worth is around $3.2 billion.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Biography

5. Kiran Nadar

Kiran Nadar

Kiran Nadar is the wife of HCL founder Shiv Nadar and she was one of the top contract bridge players in India. Her net worth is Rs 20120 crore. She is an Indian art collector and Philanthropist. Nadar was a founder of Kiran Nadar Museum of Art. Kiran Nadar started her career in advertising as communication at MGM and also she joined NIIT and helped shape the brand.

Now her major roles include managing the SSN trust, public health foundation of India. She also runs Rasaja and Rajiv Gandhi Foundation to support Muslim girls in their education.

Kiran Nadar Biography

6. Leena Gandhi Tewari


Leena is an Indian businessperson and author and also she is the chairperson of USV private limited. It is a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company. This company was founded by her Grandfather in 1961. Her net worth is US$2.6 billion. She was one of the richest Indian women and frequently appears in Forbes magazine’s list.

Leena Gandhi Tewari Biography

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7. Sangita Jindal

Sangita Jindal

Sangita is the chairperson of the JSW foundation. Jsw foundation won the Golden Peacock Award in 2009. Her net worth is Rs.10450 crore. In the name of the JSW group, she runs social development projects. She tried to improve the quality of the life of the people and supporting sustainable scalable solutions. And she was also a chairperson of Kala Ghoda festival from 2000-2003. She encouraged philanthropic work and partnerships and alliances with institutions. She was awarded the Women philanthropist Award by FICCI.

Sangita Jindal Biography

8. Jayashree Ullal

richest women india

She is an American billionaire businesswoman and she was a president and CEO of Arista Networks which is a cloud networking company. Her net worth is US$1.42 billion. She was nominated as one of the 20th powerful Women in 2001 by Newsweek. She was the first woman to be awarded the entrepreneurial and leadership award by silicon India in 1999.

Jayashree Ullal Biography

9. Anu Aga


Anu is an Indian billionaire businesswoman and social worker. According to Forbes magazine, she was in the part of 40th richest Indian in 2007 and she was ninth richest women in India She was an Ex-chairperson of Thermax Ltd. Her net worth is Rs.8550 crore. She was awarded the Padma Shri by Government of India for social work. Now she is a chairperson of Teach of India.

Anu Aga Biography

10. Shradha Agarwal


Shraddha is the co-founder of Outcome Health and she is the youngest richest women in the Top 100th list. Her total net worth is Rs,8200 crores. At the age of 9, she launched her first media enterprise that was focusing on the importance of communication. She has been honored with many numbers of awards and honored as best female founder and Tech Women of the year 2013.

Shradha Agarwal Biography

These are the list of the richest women in India. Prefer these individuals as your role model in order to improve your skills and become reputable like the ones in this list. Also, share this article with your friends and family to let them know the power of these women in our society.

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