Safety Lockers : Top 5 Best Safety Lockers in the World

Locker is used for to saving or store your things and take when required. They are widely used in schools, colleges, homes and offices. There are many different types of lockers which are commonly categorized with their locking mechanism. However, even though the locking system varies, the main purpose of having a locker is to store valuables and to allow only one person, sometimes a few to access the component. Here we have brought you the top 5 lockers in the world.

Top 5 Best Safety Lockers in the World

  • Godrej Electronic Lockers
  • Brown Safe Limited Edition Damascus Chronos Safe
  • Dottling Fortress
  • Dottling’s Grand Circle
  • Dottling Narcissus

5. Godrej Electronic Lockers

Safety lockers

It’s voracious that we need to protect our most precious belongings but before that, we need to look at a few exclusive characteristics offered by the product makers which includes user-friendly handling and budget-friendly purchasing. Godrej electronic lockers haven’t been compromising over durability and ensure compatibility. Godrej is a renowned company which has been holding the same reputation to date. More than that, if it is for home, Godrej Goldilocks Personal safe will be perfect and compact. It can also be used for carrying the stuff from one place to another, it is very small.

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4. Brown Safe Limited Edition Damascus Chronos Safe

This Brown Safe Limited Edition Damascus Chronos Safe locker is known very well for its metallic finish with royal blue colour which gives a sturdy look. It is safer like any other locker but the look is what is the most impressing factor. People go crazy for this limited edition. This safety locker was made to making it one of the best secure locker in the world. It is based on the fingerprint reader, Anti-theft GPS and also can be integrated with automation of home.

3. Dottling Fortress

best lockers in india

Dottling fortress is the third top of the list because it is very expensive. It gives naturally a good security system but people hesitate to buy one is because it is really expensive. If a person has all the wealth of the world and wants to keep it away from anyone reaching it. Then, this one will be a perfect choice. Also, the dottling fortress comes with a certified security system offered by a company in Germany.

2. Dottling’s Grand Circle

It is one of the most expensive and beautiful lockers. The special thing about this locker is that the company which manufactures this locker actually customizes the piece according to the requirements by the wealthy people who want it. And thus it becomes a masterpiece. The design of this locker is a very unique one. They made this security locker carefully and also it is a homemade locker.. So unlike others, it won’t have any defects and also it comes with the fire protection and other security standards.

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1.Dottling Narcissus

Dottling Narcissus is on the top of the list for a major reason. It is the most expensive locker when compared with others. Because it contains high quality and rare material named high gloss chromium-plated aluminium. Interestingly, the number of pieces which has been manufactured is only thirty and the owner who made this has kept one for himself. Also, this safety locker weights around 800 kilos which made this as a strong one and this locker comes with two pricing factors of €250,000 and $340,000. And now we shall know how special it is.

These are the top 5 best safety locker available in the world economy. Even some of these lockers are available in a limited amount on the world. Share this info with your friends and family to let them know the existence of these lockers and if you have any of this then share that lockers unique details with us in the comment section below.

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