Sai Baba Experiences : A Devotees Experience With Shirdi Sai Baba


Aum Sairam!

Hello all, I am Madhu first of all I am glad and blessed to share my experiences about the journey to Shirdi. I would like to thank Baba for making this trip true on the 100th Samadhi year. I was always wished to happen this journey on the 100th year of baba and also he called me on this year. While baba Samadhi happened on 15th October 1918 and this trip was on September 2018.


Saibaba is a spiritual master. His birthplace and real name are unknown. Also, sai devotees called him as sadhguru, fakir. His teaching combined of Hinduism and Islam and also he gave the Hindu name dwarakamayi to the mosque in which he lived. Therefore, he always used to refer that he belongs to no religion or caste.


Shirdi is located in Ahmednagar district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The journey began with my family members. we have started on Sep 24 from Madurai around 5.00pm by train and reached Pune on Sep 26 @ 2.00 am. We already booked travels for Pune to Shirdi and reached Shirdi around 9.30 am.

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  • Samadhi Mandir (Main temple)
  • Dwarakamayi
  • Chavadi
  • Gurusthan
  • Lendi Baug (garden)
  • Baba’s Museum
  • Khandoba Mandir
  • Abdul Baba Cottage
  • Some Devotees Houses

Samadhi Mandir is the main temple where the sacred body of baba is resting, the long statue also placed and is the worship place for the people also called buti wada. Dwarakamayi is the mosque where Baba lived for 60 years. Also, we saw Dhuni (continuous sacred fire) in the mosque lighted by Saibaba.

Baba used to sleep in dwarakamayi and Chavadi in alternate days. There is a neem tree when you come out of the Samadhi dharshan which people used to call as a gurusthan. Also, outside the premises, there is a garden called lendi baug where he was watering the plants taking water from the well.

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A priest of khandoba mandir mhalsapati is believed to have been his first devotee. Moreover, items used by Saibaba and his paintings are kept in Dixit Wada museum (Baba’s museum).


Kakad Aarti (morning) – 4.30 am to 5.00 am
Madhya Aarti (noon) to 12.30 pm
Dhoop Aarti (at sunset) – 20 minutes
Shej Aarti(night) -10.30 pm to 10.50 pm


Sai ashram which is owned by Saibaba Sansthan trust where we refreshed and went to Samadhi Mandir first and attended madhyan aarti(noon aarti). we entered Samadhi Mandir through gate no 1 and able to get darshan within one hour. Such a blissful darshan we had. Also, there is a separate darshan counter is available for senior citizens and physically challenged.

After attending madhyan aarti we have visited all the nearby temples of Hanuman, Vinayaka, Sani temple, neem tree, chavadi, Dwarakamayi and other baba’s devotee’s samadhis etc… Unfortunately, mobiles and cameras are not allowed so I did not take any pictures inside the temple. During evening time we went again for darshan and did shopping. After all, we had a good dinner in Andhra mess nearby temple.

Next day on Sep 27 (Thursday) went for kakad aarti at 4.30 am but it is not easy to attend inside the temple. we attended in the nandadeep and round the neem tree. Moreover, in the early morning, we had a fantastic experience, it’s the best day ever. We left the Shirdi on the same day and planned for Shani Singapur.

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Shani shingnapur is a village situated in the state of Maharashtra, it’s 70 km(approx) from Shirdi. The road was not good so it took 2 to 3 hours to reach. we had a good darshan and covered everything.

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During September 27th evening we got the train in the daund railway station its away from 118 km from Shani shingnapur.
Overall it was a new and splendid experience. Also, it gives great pleasure and satisfaction to me. Grateful to baba.


  Here are the Few Live Images from Sridi!

sai images

Sai Images 2019:

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