Saravana Stores | History & Interesting Factors About Saravana Stores

History of Saravana Stores

While hearing the name Saravana stores, what comes to your mind? That funny TV advertisement with that best, best song or the bag that they give to us on our purchases. That guy’s TV add has many versions but I remember only that best, best thing because I used to change the channel while seeing that face. But jokes apart I think he is a brave guy and end of the day it’s showroom add and his own money. We can troll that guy but we have to notice his work and growth.

In T.Nagar every shop owners have their own story. Most of them came from rural backgrounds and achieved in their life. They have some negative names too. If you watch the Angadi Theru movie, you can get what I am dealing with. Yes, it’s hard to believe movies but that movie was written by the inspiration of a true story. But I don’t know how much truth in it but one thing for sure some of them are blood-sucking leeches. You see I am not blaming all but some shop owners crush their staff to gain the work. From their point of view, that is managing but from our point of view, it is slavery. We discuss their negative sides later now we concentrate on how they became this famous in the state especially the Saravana group of stores.


Their’s Origin

This store was started in the year 1969 by a group of partners called Sanmuga Sundaram, Yoga rathinam, Raja Rathinam, and Selva Rathinam. In this Mr. Sanmuga Sundaram is the father and others are their children but now the Saravana store group is owned by yoga rathinam and Raja rathinam. And Mr. Selva Rathinam owns the Saravana Selva Rathinam group.

Among them, Elder one is Mr. Yoga Rathinam and he died in 2015. After the death of his father, Mr. Yogarathinam’s son Pallakudurai and Sanmuga Durai came to the crown. They splitter their assets and Mr.Pallakudurai taking care of Gold and ornamental shops and his brother Mr. Sanmuga Durai taking care of textiles, furniture, and electronics.
Mr.Ponnu Durai and Dr. Siva aruldurai are the other two sons of Mr. Yogarathinam. Who own the Bramandamai, Legend and Elite Gold palace stores.

Now Mr. Raja Rathinam and his son Mr. Sabapathi are owning the all other stores in the Saravana group.
Mr. Selva Rathinam owns the Saravana Selva rathinam group. And after the death of Mr. Selva Rathinam his son Saravanan Arul took care of Selva rathinam groups.

Revenue and Employment Details of Saravana Store.

They are earning nearly 850 Million US dollars per year and they have almost 10000 employees in their stores. And their operating income is about 200 Millon USD.

Other Modes of Business

In late 2004 they started a dairy product called Jamai. Mostly it is Ice Creams which is made by 100% milk products only. That ice cream manufacturing about 10000 liters of ice cream products per day.

Their Shop Locations

They have 7 stores in and around Chennai like T.Nagar, Purasaivakkam, Porur, Chromepet, paadi, solinganallur and Usman Road areas. And they also have stores in Madurai, Coimbatore, and Tirunelveli. They also plan to open the stores in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Saravana Stores in T.Nagar and Tirunelveli.

If you read this you may open your mouth to say a word called wow. But this growth did not come in day. It took 3 generations. But the seed was planted by their grandparents. Their Grandparents may be the investors but they maintain it properly.

Do you know how hard it is? One death can demolish the names but they standing on their third generation actually 4th. Think about their management strategies and they are dividing and ruling their territory.
To tell the truth they have black marks too.

These groups made a revenue loss of rupees 450 crores to the government. IT raid confirm that that have 25 crores of cash, 12KG of gold, Diamonds are dig in the graveyards and they seized an SUV vehicle which has huge amount assets. This was explained in the Kanthasami movie which was directed by Susi Kumar and stared by Vikram and Shriya Saran.

As in the coin they have two sides a good one and a bad one, a head side, and a tail. But their contribution to the state is also huge they are giving employment to nearly 15000 people in all their industries and stores.

The Negative Sides of Their Employment Policy

The Movie Angadi Theru spoke about that. I am not a huge fan of that movie but still, it is a noticeable one. I am not speaking about the present time. It is all about a decade before. They appoint their employees from the Tirunelveli district and it’s locality and provided less amount of salary and treated them like a slave. After this news came to the limelight they started to cover it up. The government hadn’t taken any action because they are all big shorts. Some protests happened but in the end, we call that as Managing strategy.

If we see them on their side, whatever they did was correct but what to do socialism is also in India so we have to see them on a negative side. I am not blaming them for either the victims. It is nature powerful people will enslave the Poor’s but poor will burst out one day that is also nature too.

They have money so they can wipe and clean their stains but what should we want to learn is how to become as a power. To wipe the strain or to clean the inequality, that is on our hands. So let me end my article. I hope you all read it fully and learned something from them. What is learned is power is everything. Thank you.

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