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Nowadays Indian Tyre Industry is booming. At present, there is a huge number of tyre companies are available in India. In this section, you can check details on top-notch tyre companies. In our day to day life tyres serve a very important function. For every car Tyre is a most important part. Various tyre brands are available in the market such as Apollo Tyres, Michelin tyre, MRF tyres, Goodyear, ceat tyre and much more.

Vehicles plays a key role either for traveling or transporting goods. Without any problem, good tyres are needed to run a vehicle. Carefully choose a good tyre. Two types of tyres are available in the market such as tubed tyres and tubeless tyres. Tubeless tyres are the best recommended and ther are very safer and more advanced. Scroll down and know more data about Most Popular Tyre Brands in India.

tyre brands in india

Importance of Tyre:

While buying the tyres people must choose the best brand. From bike and cars, there is different tyre size. The top brand always maintains the product quality high. So, that brands are very important. Also, choose a warranty period and purchase a tyre. Whether you are going to an office or going for a trip vehical is important. Choose the best vehical with good qualify of tyres. Also, it is important to know about Most Popular Tyre Brands in India. Some of the branded tyres have low road noise and give a good grip. In India, there are 14 brands of tyres are available. SUV tyres usually last longer. If you are strictly on a budget then go to a good brand. As we all know that Indian brands are cheaper than imported brands.

Some of the better tyre brands are Apollo, JK Tyre, MRF, Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, Continental Tire, Dunlop and much more. Yokohama A-Drive, Bridgestone Turanza, and Michelin XM2 are the most expensive tyres. Over 220 million registered vehicles in India. For passenger and commercial vehicles, India has ranked the world’s 4th largest market. For tyres India has on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). In India, vehicles are classified into various categories such as Taxable and Non-Taxable vehicles.

Top Popular Tyre Brands in India

So, people, who want more information about Top Popular Tyre Brands in India they are in the correct place. Below we list out the Most Popular Tyre Brands in India. So, candidates can utilize this information and check out the top tyre brands details. Don’t choose fewer quality tyres. Also, you can replace your tyres and there are various brands available in the market. Below are the greatest tyre companies in the world.

Bridgestone Tyres


In India, Bridgestone Tyres are one of the used brands. Bridgestone Tyres is a Japanese based company. And it is established in 1931. And its headquarters is located in Kurume, Japan. Around the world, it is a top spot. And it is a Tokyo based multinational tyre manufacture company. Bridgestone also deals in journalism, golf products, bicycle brands.

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Apollo Tyre Company


Apollo Tyre Company is the worlds 17th largest tyre. And this company is founded in 1972. And it enjoys the total revenue of about a billion dollars. It is well known for quality tyre production. Compared to other brands Apollo is relatively more affordable.

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MRF Tyres

mrf tyres

Madras Rubber Foundation (MRF) has become considerably popular in the global market. MRF Tyres are number one tyre company in India. Also, MRF won a number of awards. Not only in India abroad also MRF tyres are reputed. In the 1950s, the company began producing rubber. A number of cricketers are using MRF Tyres.

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TVS Tyres


TVS Tyres is one of the most trusted brands in India. It’s providing mostly for 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers. And it is a good quality tyres. And it is one of India’s largest industrial conglomerates.

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Continental Tyre

CT tyres

Continental Tyre is a Germany based tyre. And the headquartered is located in Hanover. Continental Tyre is the 4th most popular tyre brand in North America.

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Michelin Tyres


Michelin Tyres is a most recognized and well-known tyre brand. And it is founded in 1889. Michelin Tyres headquarters is located in France. And it is well known for its production. Michelin Tyres plays dominated role in the tyre production industry.

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Ceat Tyres


Ceat Tyres is one of the most prestigious tyre brands. This Tyres are available for Bike and Car. Also has a low price in India.

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Pireli Tyres


Pireli Tyres is based in Italy and Milan. Tyres is established in 1872. It’s one of the largest and well-known tyre company.

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Travel has become an inevitable part of every one life. Moreover, you are traveling a short distance or long distance. In fact, there are so many tyre brands in India. Most Popular Tyre Brands in India details are placed on this section. Moreover, all the candidates who are seeking for Most Popular Tyre Brands in India can get clear details from here. People are confusing about what type are tyres will be used. For that reason, we gather complete details and mentioned in this section. Follow this article and get more details regarding Top Popular Tyre Brands in India.

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The tyre industry in India is one of the most important industry. In India both small and big companies in India. The tyre manufactured must be able to guarantee security and safety. Therefore, all the candidates need to read the above information and get clear data. We gather entire information on Most Popular Tyre Brands in India and mentioned in a detailed manner.

Final Words

We hope that after checking this article you can get clear details. All the candidates are tried to search more information on Top Popular Tyre Brands in India. Our team gathered a lot of details and mentioned in this post. Carefully, check these details and bookmark this blog carefully. Also, there are topmost tyre companies in India. In India, there is a number of brands available in India. In the above section, you can check details on Most Popular Tyre Brands in India.

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